• Wellness and Beyond.

Inforce Health Benefits is proud to offer a variety of health and dental coverages to small and mid-size businesses in Canada. This includes:

  • Health & Dental
  • Prescription Drug
  • Vision Care
  • Life (Optional & Dependant)
  • Short-term/Long-Term disability
  • Extended Healthcare
  • Emergency & Major Medical
  • Critical Illness
  • Health/Wellness Spending Accounts
  • Paramedical Care
  • Travel Health
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • Prescription drugs
  • Vision care
  • Paramedical Services
  • Emergency Care
  • Travel Health
  • Health & Wellness Spending Accounts
  • Extended Healthcare
  • Dental
Prescription drugs

When you get sick, the cost of medication can add up. Inforce Health Benefits recognizes the need to access medication fast and at minimal costs.

Our transparent prescription drug plans won’t leave your employee’s in the dark with stipulations and dispensing fees.

Our coverage plans aim to have clients access the medication they need on time, every time.

Vision care

With an aging workforce it’s more important than ever to have the resources they need to stay healthy and remain a productive team member.

Inforce Health Benefits’ vision care plans provide access to all types of vision enhancing products including:

  • Ophthalmologist / Optometrist
  • Prescription Glasses, Contact Lenses and Sunglasses
  • Laser vision correction
Paramedical Services
Provincial healthcare plans cover only a select few healthcare providers. The reality is, general practitioners do not solely administer healthcare. Inforce Health Benefits believes in a boundless approach to healthcare. Our products provide access to health services not covered by the province such as:
  • Chiropractic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Orthodontics
  • Acupuncturists
  • Podiatrists
  • Naturopaths
  • Speech Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Osteopaths
  • Registered Massage Therapists
Emergency Care
In trying times, it helps to have the assurance of a healthcare plan that has you covered. In the event of a medical emergency, Inforce Health Benefits plans allow patients to focus on getting better first.

Plans may include access to emergency healthcare benefits such as:
  • Private/semi-private hospital room accommodations
  • Medical transport cost coverage (ambulance services)
  • Private duty nursing
Travel Health
Every year Canadians with inadequate travel insurance end up paying thousands in medical bills incurred while travelling.

Whether it’s an impromptu visit of family out-of-province or a shopping trip across the border, Inforce Health Benefit’s travel health plans ensure you’re covered on all your trips.
Health & Wellness Spending Accounts
Traditional health plans are not for everyone. Part-time and casual employees should have access to some benefits, but without additional costs to business operations. Inforce Health Benefits provides plan solutions for all types of employees with a variety of needs.

Health spending accounts allow employees to access a set amount of health cost funding for the year. Account holders can use these funds to purchase medication, see healthcare professionals or transfer the amount to their Wellness Account.

Wellness spending accounts are a major part of today’s healthcare solutions. Keeping employees active and with access to nutritional products is beneficial to their health and places less strain on the healthcare system. A wellness spending account allows account holders to use a set amount of funding towards wellness activities like gym memberships, personal trainers and purchase of nutritional supplements.
Extended Healthcare
Extended Healthcare plans offer supplementary coverage for any medical needs that are covered by provincial healthcare. Investing in an extended healthcare plan is extremely beneficial to employees as it serves to cover many areas that are difficult to finance on your own. Some examples of services covered under this type of a package are:

Prescription drugs insurance plans cover the insured for any prescriptions needed. If the insured suffers from any condition that requires a prescription, they may be eligible to subscribe to a plan to help cover this expense.

Critical Illness insurance plans help to cover any costs associated when diagnosed with a life-altering disease. If diagnosed with an illness covered in the policy and in the event that the insured survives the waiting period, they will be awarded a lump sum payment. For more information on all illnesses’ covered, please contact one of our Advisors.

Long-term Care insurance is a plan that covers the insured beyond a preset period. If a plan holder or beneficiary has a debilitating disease or disability, and needs extra care for an extended period of time, a long-term care product is the easiest way to pay for medical bills and necessities.

Short-term disability plans are excellent for groups, small business owners and individuals to invest in, as these products can replace a member’s salary for up to 6 months, if they suffer a work-related injury that requires time off the job.
Regular visits to the dentist are an important part of maintaining good oral health, which is vital for good overall health. However, dental checkups can be pricey, on average costing about $100 per visit. iNFORCE Health Benefits offers a variety of Dental plans that will keep your organization smiling. Possible coverage options may include:
  • Basic oral surgery (extractions)
  • Comprehensive oral surgery (surgery, fractures)
  • Diagnostic (examinations, x-rays)
  • Major coverage such as caps, crowns and dentures
  • Preventative (scaling and polishing, fluoride treatment)
  • Periodontics (periodontal scaling, root planning, gum disease treatment)
  • Restorative (fillings)
  • Orthodontic services

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